Bill Worden, M.A.
I look forward to getting your book & Patina solutions.... I must say not knowing you from Adam... by the way you handle your customers you are truly a kind  and professional individual. You should be proud!!!! 
best regards,

Hello All,
I just wanted to let you all know I think Bill's finish work is very awesome! I have envied his finishes for several years and have always felt that other metal cutters would love to learn his techniques to be able to produce such fantastic finishes on their very own metal design work! The finishes from a photograph look great but they will look even better in your customers hands. I hope everyone gets a chance to learn the valuable information Bill is willing to share in his First Book on metal finishing. Most people would probably not be willing to share the valuable information and knowledge he has learned from years of trial and error experimentation. This is truly a great opportunity for everyone to learn a valuable new way to finish their cut metal work. I am hoping that I will get the first chance to review his book. I can't wait to learn a great new way to finish my own metal design work.
Jason Henry
Casacde Metal Designs LLC
Bill Worden from Steel FX has just joined the Manufacturer Rep group and will be a huge asset with his metal finishing products and techniques. Bill has just released a book on metal finishing and will support his patina products directly here on for all to learn from.
Bill,  Thanks for the lesson prior to the book release on Easy Dross Removal. I am cutting 480 pcs of an 11Ga Steel part, and this has more than made up the cost of the book in savings. Can't wait for all the other tips and tricks...    J.M., Louisiana
 Bill is the best finisher there is in my book I know he's been developing the procedures over a long period of time. You almost can't go wrong with his book and chemicals.  Gary D, TX
I just wanted to give a shout out to Bill at Steel F/X. I was interested in ordering some of his Copper F/X and had a few questions for him. 
I gave him a call and he spent over a half an hour telling me all about Copper F/X and how to use it. He was very informative and a really nice guy.  I can't wait to get the Copper F/X and make some cool stuff.    Thanks Bill! 
I just received your Copper FX, Torch FX & Blu FX. Tested the copper and torch on a piece of scrap steel - WOW was that easy!!   Now I have to start writing down all the ideas that I have rolling around in my head... James M.
 Bill, Your patinas are a major hit!  I just finished a 2 day trade show and sold so many things done up with the Copper FX.           No one in my area has ever seen anything like it !!!!!! I sold 10 painted black items and all of the patina coated items                  (36 peices :D )
I made more money in 2 days because of bills patinas than a week on the oil rigs! Now that feels good!!
 thanks Bill, your products rock the metal art world!!     Dustan K, Canada
This is my latest project for my cousin graduating from the Charlotte fire academy. I must say that your product gave this project an awesome finish. I just wanted to say thanks for having a website to share this kind of knowledge and products. its amazing what you can do with a home made cnc machine and the right materials.
Thank you,
J. Woods

Bill,  Here is my first finished product with your Copper F/X and Pewter F/X. Love the finish. I am getting the hang of it. I will be ordering more that's for sure. 
Jeff M., Pennsylvania
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Hi Bill,
Our fireplace hearth turned out great!  Thank you so much for walking me through the process over the phone. The base material in the photo is sheet steel that we treated with your Bronze FX and adhered directly over our old tile.  Many people don't have a clue what it is and assume it is stone of some kind.  
Thanks again.  Leah A.

Customer Photo using Copper F/X.
Customer Photo.
Customer Photo.
Customer Photo.
Customer Photo.  Nice Work!
Customer Photo using Copper F/X.
Customer Photo using Copper F/X & Torch F/X.
Flame F/X GEL on Steel
Steel Fireplace Hearth using Bronze F/X.
Submitted by 1st time user of Steel F/X Patinas.   Torch F/X on Copper F/X.
Maltese Cross using Copper F/X & Black F/X.
Customer Submitted Photo.
Customer Submitted Photo.
Customer Submitted Photo using Steel F/X Patinas.
Customer Submitted Photo.
Customer Submitted Photo.
Copper F/X & Torch F/X.
Customer Submitted Photo.
Copper F/X & Black.   Customer Submitted Photo.
Customer Submitted Photo.
Copper F/X & Black.
Customer Submitted Photo.
Copper F/X.
Customer Submitted Photo.  
Copper F/X.
Customer Submitted Photo.
Copper F/X & Black F/X.
Customer Provided Photo using Copper F/X.
Customer Submitted Photo using Rust F/X.
Customer Submitted Photo.
Copper F/X on Galvanized Steel.
Rust F/X on Corrugated, Galvanized Steel Siding Material.
Partially polished steel, some Mill-Scale still showing.  Yellow & Green Solvent Dye w/ Clear-Coat.
Torch FX Plus (coming soon) gives flame/heat effects on bare steel.
Distressed Steel with Copper F/X
Gold Rust FX & Clear Coat
Distressed Steel, Patinated with Copper F/X
Copper F/X & Torch F/X on Mild Steel.   Some Mill-Scale Left for Effect.  Clear-Coated.
Customer Submitted Photo - Loon Scene.
Firepit using Copper F/X and Pewter F/X. 4/12 Tony P.
Sample Patina Colors on Steel by Steel F/X
H.Buff, NM
Copper F/X & Green Dye
Sample Chemical Patina Colors on Steel.
Blue Metal Dye on Waterwheel
Harold B., NM
Chemical Patina Samples on Steel
Chemical Patina Samples on Steel.
New Gold Rust Patina
Black Solvent Dye Over Copper FX
Yellow, Red & Blue Solvent Dye on Bare Steel
Last Supper, SignTorch Graphics.   Submitted by Harold.
Copper F/X tm
Copper F/X & Dark Pewter F/X
Deltron Clear-coat.  42" Wide
by:  Steel F/X
Copper F/X & Torch F/X - Butterfly Garden Art.
Copper, Pewter & Bronze F/X
3' X 2' Arrowhead - Black F/X
w/ Clear-Coat
Patterned Rust using RUST F/X
Solvent Dye Metal Art
Harold B., NM
Solvent Dyed Metal Art
Harold B, NM
Solvent Dye Metal Art
Harold B, NM
Green Solvent Dye on Copper F/X
Auburn FX on Mild Steel
Sea Turtle colorized with Steel FX patinas
Copper F/X on Horse Heads
Torch FX on Rust FX
Copper F/X & Pewter F/X on Fire-Pit
Steel Rooster colored with Steel FX Solvent Dyes.  Robbie W.
Dyed Steel Rooster by Robbie W.
Mike G., Washington
steel patinized sign mounted to outdoor bbq
John R. - Mild Steel.
Used:  Copper F/X, Pewter F/X & Bronze F/X.  11/12
D. Bushey ~
Patinas & Heat Coloring.
Flame F/X Gel Patina on  Bare Mild Steel.
Easy Patina on Galvanized.
You'll need Copper F/X & Flame F/X...and one secret ingredient that you can buy locally.  800.710.1273
Bill, Just wanted to say thanks for the acid bath idea.   That is about the slickest thing ive seen, a few months ago we paid about 5 grand on a vibrating tumbler with abrasive media in it, and it doesnt even compare!  So thanks alot and ill be sure to remember you when my other supplies run low!
Brandin W.  

Here is a Metal Sign/Logo I cut out for our local Pizza Ranch Restaurant.  48" x 35" x 12ga.  I used the Steel F/X Gold Rust with a clear coat sealer.  Turned out really nice.  Just wanted to share the photo, the Steel F/X Products are amazing!
Thanks Bill!
Paul Stewart
Stewart Designs
Sioux Center, Iowa

This is Carolyn Hendrix from Fire Flies Metal Art. We (my business partner/fellow metal artist Amanda Wyman and I) had ordered your products off of the website and are just sending over the picture of the sculpture we used it on. This sculpture is called "Support by Knowledge" and is now a permanent fixture at the Main Building of Arkansas State University Campus. We experimented with just about all the different sprays, and are very impressed with the outcome! We would love to recommend these products to anyone! Here you go-and thanks for your timely service and wonderful products!!!
 Carolyn Hendrix and Amanda Wyman
patinized steel sculpture steel-fx
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